The #murraytweetindex is published by communications consultancy Murray and measures journalists across six parameters to capture their popularity, the quality of engagement and level of activity. A composite index was then created to rank overall positions.

Top 100

Top 100 Banner

Gavan Reilly has made his social media presence a central part of his reporting and year on year built his profile to take the top spot in this year’s index. A well thought out Twitter thread can provide a first draft of history with as much impact as a news package or column.

Category Winners

In addition to the overall rankings, the research ranked journalists’ influence on Twitter in a range of different categories, category winners included:

Total Followers

Total Followers vs TOTALS 3,065,258 3,253,097 6.1% UP 2018 2019

The wide reach of Irish journalists on Twitter was demonstrated again, with the Top 100 in the index having over 3.3m followers, an increase of 6% on 2018.

Gender Representation

% of Women in the Top 100 Since 2014

27% 2014 30% 2015 26% 2016 32% 2017 36% 2018 28% 2019

Like many other career paths, women remain under-represented, and a higher proportion of strong female journalist voices in the index would be welcome.

6 Parameters

Top ranking journalists across each of the 6 parameters measured:

With growing pressure to break the news first, media outlets also need to consider the editorial standards they expect from their staff in their Tweets.

Golden Ratio

followers :

During the current Covid 19 pandemic Twitter’s role as a source of breaking news has been more prominent than ever.

Media Outlets

The research reviewed which media outlets had most journalists in the top 100.

Media Type Graph MEDIA TYPE BROADCAST - 29% ONLINE - 13% PRINT - 58%

Most Tweeters in Top 100

  1. Irish Times
  2. RTÉ
  3. Independent News & Media
  4. Newstalk
  5. Business Post
  6. Joe.ie / Maximum Media
  7. Sunday Times / Times Ireland
  8. Irish Examiner
  9. The Currency
  10. Virgin Media
  11. Irish Daily Star
  12. thejournal.ie
  13. Irish Sun
  14. Today FM

The results show The Irish Times to have the most journalists in the Top 100, with 24, followed by RTÉ with 17, and Independent News & Media with 14.

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